Obscure Passages



A Zeppelin shed

The Zeppelin shed

Localization: Unknown.

The "De Vrouw" Zeppelin.

Discovered by: Herydo Rittuti.

Ferryman: No.

Statu: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    The existing documents concerning this Passage are the strangest ones. Only two photographies are furnished with the mention: "There is a particularly oppressing Passage but devilishly efficient!".

   Once again, the obscurologist are searching without a break the origin of these photographies et the signification of this mysterious sentence. The most convincing suppositions establish that the first photography would be an abandonned Zeppelin shed. This shed would permit the Passage to the well-known "Freddy De Vrouw" zeppelin that one can see in the "Brüsel" album.

   Nevertheless, many questions stay concerning the origin in itself of these photographies, particularly the second one. Where this photography do come from? Wouldn't it be the only and only one photography in direct line from the obscure cities? Or isn't it a skilful mounting destinated to trouble the searchers? The investigation remains open...

The "De Vrouw" Zeppelin