Since many years, people try to make us believe that they do not exist! In spite of all evidence, the authorities simply deny that a reality of a world parallel with ours, that of the obscure cities, exists! Why? Fear of the unknown? Fear for a massive exodus of the population? Or is it simply a refusal to see the truth?

However, thanks to the work of many researchers throughout our world, more and more signs indicate that the Obscure Cities indeed exist. The pioneers, François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters were the first to reveale the existence of this parallel world. Their research made it possible to provide us with several works of supreme quality, in which various secrecy's of the Obscure Cities are revealed.

Following various notifications of "travel", the question of the presence of "a Passage" quickly arose. How was it possible to go into the Obscure Cities and by which means? A call went out to all those who knew or believed to know a passage place towards the Obscure Cities. The reply was unexpectedly large! Some found a crossing point, others found various means, of which some were sometimes quiet unexpected. Soon after this world wide inquiry, a silence fell around the possibility of a voyage towards these Cities, wiping out the hopes of many who one great day wished to make this journey.

The assumptions of Passages were however not forgotten and are the very base of this office: to make an exhaustive and complete archive of all these assumptions. Admittedly, the list is long and it's a work seeming without end, since each day there are new Passages as well as closing of Passages. Others are opened simply by chance. Some require the assistance of a ferryman. Nevertheless, only a detailed report can allow a traveller to one day manage to make the journey.

Thus, this office is open to you! You will find here referenced all the assumptions of places and means of Passage know to date. You will be able to consult freely all the folders related to them. Finally, if you know a Passage place which is not indexed here, go the the Bureau of Discoveries and let us know! Do not hesitate to collect all the documents, images and other indices, which will allow us to verify your assumption. We will publish them with your name, unless you prefer to keep anonymous.


All drawings on this site are Copyright François Schuiten et Benoît Peeters

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