Obscure Means



The aviation

The aviation


   By the word "aviation", it is necessary to understand the various flying means of transport, that they are the planes, the airships, the helicopters, the sailplanes and other machines being able to fly. One knows how much these means of transport are strongly used more than very other on the obscure continent. Besides the scientists of this world seems to compete of prowesses, if not technical, in any case aesthetic to invent all kinds of flying objects whose capacities and security seem limited well. A complete inventory of all the types and models of flying machines listed on the obscure continent would by itself be the subject of an encyclopaedia.

   It thus seems logical that these so used means of transport are also a means of passage between our two worlds. There is moreover to date two examples of passages by means of the use of a flying object. The first is the case of the man to the birds. Everyone knows the strange history of this man who appeared regularly in the obscure sky, heralding some news. Its appearance near the markets of Zarbek, presumedly driving Passage place with the markets of Scharbeek, make think that the possibility of passage to this place would be supported by the fly.

    Another more concrete case is the history of Harry Rhodes and Cynthia Sirk. These characters, nonnative from the obscure cities would have arrived there to edge of their plane, a Spitfire. This fact is enough to show that the means for these people of going on the obscure continent was to use a plane. However, the few statements that they made thereafter makes think that their passage was quite involuntary!

   We will not treat here certain assertions on the other mysterious place or Bermuda Triangle related to unexplained disappearances of plane. It seems indeed that the "currents" between the obscure cities and our world are of nothing responsible for these facts...