Obscure Means



A distributor of chocolat in Lausanne


Discovered by: Jacques Métille.

A distributor of chocolat in Lausanne


   Il was during a very long time difficult for the experts in Obscure Sciences to determine whether the case of the chocolate distributor in Lausanne were to be classified in the places or rather the means of Passages. This case is indeed one of most strange than it was possible to observe in the study of the Passages towards the Obscure Cities.

   The affair would have occurred in November to Lausanne. The year remains unknown. This 5 November, Jacques Métille, discoverer and single protagonist of this history decides to take a hazelnut chocolate in a distributor which he knows well. After having chosen the drawer of glass in which it saw the bar that it likes to usually take, which isn'y his amazement to discover in its hands another packing than the one he expected. Two day later, at the same distributor, after having well checked that he sees well through the wall of glass the packing of hazelnut chocolate that he wishes, the same phenomenon reproduces and Jacques Métille find again in his hand a bar of chocolate of a mark that he doesn't know.

   This history can be explained by a simple malfunction of the distributor if however the packing of chocolate have not be also strange. Of a style very "beginning of the twentieth century", packing carries the inscriptions: "Delight of Professor Caillet Created in Losan". The orthography of the word "Losan" does not fail to make think to the Obscure Cities. Indeed, the word written on the chocolate packing is not written with the same orthography as Lausanne of our clear world. However, he is not written either as on the obscure continent where there it is written with "Z" and not a "S".

   The polemic did not miss concerning this assumption. Stove setting badly organized according to some. The joker would not have even paid attention to the orthography. Completely enthralling and unique case according to the others. Indeed, here is a place of a very particular nature which would only permit to make pass the objects, even maybe only the food.

   In which category was it necessary to classify this assumption. Was it a Passage Place or well a means. The experts agreed that a place could be the case only if they were a place where beings could cross. The distributor seem nevertheless small to contain a being human and since it was altogether about an object rather than a place, it was decided that it must be means rather than a Passage place.

   The phenomenon seemed never more to reproduce and the many researcher which returned to Lausanne and test all the distributor of chocolate of the city returned all without result...