Obscure Means



The books

the books


   Everybody knows the worship which is delivered to the books on the obscure continent. This one is translated by various manners like homages (contest of library), methods of care (the bibliothérapie) or the construction of buildings having the shape of books (the city of the book).

   These are these last one that drew the attention of the obscurologists. The expansion of this type of building could be as well as many attempts to create Passage place starting from the obscure world than a simple homages to the books.

   It seems however than the obscure citizens forgot an essential fact: rather than the book, it would be the fact of reading which allows the passage. Perhaps is this the attraction more of the book as an object that reading itself which thus would have induced in error the obscure citizens.

   From our dimensioned, one does not seem to have made the same error. It is well the use of the book and its reading which could be used as means of passage. Two places are thus identified using the book like means: The Belgian Center of the Comic strip of Bruxelles and the Center of the Comic strip of Gröningen.

   The first place identifies this means only by vague testimonys. Although not having never been able to be shown with certainty, it seems well that cases of passages occurred in the Belgian Center of the Comic strip whereas the people concerned were consulting some unfortunately not-identified works. The second did not allow yet to establish with certainty if a method of passage were possible there. The first index is for the moment architecture strong near to that of the buildings obscure which makes us fear that one could go in the same errors than those done by the obscure citizens.

   At all events, it seems clearly established that the conjunction of a place dedicated to the books and the reading of those allow the passage. All occurs as if the book acted like a catalyst supporting the action. It remains right to be deplored that this type of place is not more frequent on our world.