Obscure Means



The Passage on Mac


Discovered by:
Xavier Ramette.

The Passage on Mac


The Obscure file

   As it was the case for the chocolate distributor of Lausanne, the experts discussed during a very long time about the classification to be given to this assumption of Passage. If for much, it had to be classified without question in the category of the Passage places, others argued that it was very clearly about a means since a computer is not a place and that it seems that the opening occurred thanks to this one and not inside! A small minority of recherchists as for them consider that it is not a question of a new place, nor of a new means, but of a new manifestation of the opening of a Passage via Internet...

   As one can note it, the phenomenon which occurred in Madrid on an August 28 shares much the informed obscurologists. Although the document filmed in Fixorama does not leave any doubt about the reality of the facts, it should be recognized that few indices allowing its analysis remain at our disposal. Like says it the witness of the facts in a letter addressed to the Casterman editor, the Passage would have opened after having tried to reach an Internet site having a strange unknown address: http://citÚs.obscures.ur. Today still, the mystery is great about this address. Indeed, according to the organization charged to manage the Internet addresses, this one would even never have been recorded.

   Excepted this address and the very interesting film in Fixorama, no other indices to date permit to push the investigation further. The assumption of the Passage on Mac is likely to remain still very a long time a quite obscure enigma...