Obscure Means



The music

The music

The sound in the Obscure Cities by Philippe Hoareau

Extract from the Desombres Affair by Bruno Letort

   The music is an artistic kind extremely loved in the obscure cities compared to painting or the sculpture. According to the cities where such musical kind is preferred to another, one notices that many operas and festivals of instrument (as the festival of organ of the Green Lake) were created on the obscure continent showing the great attraction that have the obscure citizens for the musical art.

   From our with dimensions, the strange events related to the music makes think that this art could be used as means of passage.

   One thinks certainly first of all to the example of the basilica Our-Lady of Montreal whose organ points out those of the Green Lake. Many researchers and experts in obscure sciences have advanced the assumption that if the basilica could be a Passage place, this last one could be favoured only when works were played on the great organ. Although ever cancelled, this assumption could never be confirmed either.

  The second example is that of the Garnier opera in Paris. It is known that this opera was mysteriously closed on each part of our two worlds. This closing took place in greatest haste whereas artists were still in full exercise of their art. Would this sudden evacuation have been decided only to avoid the formation of a passage supported by musical work in progress?

   Some attempts of Passage by means of the music have been just tried recently. The first of those take place, in the current of April and March, at the Auditorium of the Forum of the Images, Paris. At this time was presented at this place the now famous spectacle "the Desombres Affair". The music of this spectacle was composed by Bruno Letort starting from bits of partitions found in the note pad of Augustin Desombres himself. It is not known too much if that formed part of the intentions of the authors of the spectacle, but a witness at the time of one of the representations found himself, according to his statements, projected in spite of him on the Obscure Continent. This witness could return on the clear world only while using of quite strange means. The second attempt took place at the Royal Theatre of the Mint, Bruxelles at the time of representations of the opera "La Cenerentola"   of Rossini. According to some listener, it would have been all the room that would have been projected on the Obscure World, but without having at no moment the conscience of it.

   These two attempts seem to be the only one to date and their results seem still debatable from certain point of view. However, many compositors continue their musical search related to the Obscure world. One will quote for example Bruno Letort, the author of the music of the spectacle "The Desombres Affair", Didier Denis who would compose an opera entitled "Urbicande" and Philippe Hoareau known for his "sounds from the Obscure Continent". Let's hope that their search will succeed one day...