Obscure Means



The Taxiphote


Discovered by: Patrick Desmaison.

Le Taxiphote


   The Taxiphote would be in our world what the Luminocaptor is in the Obscur world, namely a machine to reveal the parallel worlds.

   The Taxiphote is an apparatus invented at the beginning of the century by Jules Richard who allowed to see photographs in relief by the easy way of 2 photographs nearly identical placed one near to the other. The characteristic of the Taxiphote was to permit to change sights via a mechanism actuated by a lever located on the right of the machine.

   This machine would not have anything in particular if a letter sent by Albert Richard, the nephew of the inventor did not mention the strange fact according to which a sight of the Garnier Opera of Paris viewed in the apparatus did not reveal a Passage towards an Obscur world. Although thereafter it was never possible to check this assumption, the Taxiphote is essential today like the clear corollary of the Luminocaptor which would have been invented by Axel Wappendorf. The two apparatuses would indeed have the characteristic to reveal in one way or another the other world parallel with itself. Difficulties of getting such an apparatus and undoubtedly the fact that the vision of the Passage cannot be carried out that via a Taxiphote manufactured by Jules Richard himself to date led to given up search relating to it...