Update of the 04/03/2001

The 4th of March 2001

Many mails came to us to reveal us new Passage places. Accurate to his mission, the Office of the Obscure Passages has treated all these assumptions with priority.

04/03/2001 update.

The new places:
- The Brunehaut stone
- The Moorish casino
- The elephants of Paris
- The military hospital of Ixelles
- The ghost town of Kolmannskuppe
- The tower of Loudun

- The Elsewhere house
- The Fesch museum

- The Sainte-CÚcile observatory
- The underground of the U.L.B.

The updated places:
- The subway station Arts and trades
- The place of the Martyrs
- The Lot valley museum

The updated images:
- The King Albert barracks

- Update of the links page