Update of the 17/03/2000

The 17th of March 2000

The study of the documents sent by the readers of the Obscure Cities is continuing.  In addition to the new Passage places and means, the analysis of the documents permitted to discover some new signs about old places already referenced. An update of the files related to these Passage places has then been done...

17/03/2000 Update

The new folders:
- The Canfranc station

The new places:
- The Andrassy mausoleum
- The Canfranc station
- The swallowed palace of Istambul
- The Czechian Paradise
- The Zeppelin shed

The new means:
- The movement

The updated places:
- The cement works Delwart in Tournai
- The Falstaff
- The city of Moscow
- Tiwanaku