Update of the 23/07/2000

The 23rd of July 2000

After a long absence due to annual vacancies, the Office of the Obscure Passages is newly opened.

Again, old assumptions of Passage places discovered in the Obscure letters are now classified as well as new assumptions transmitted to our administration before the vacancies.

23/07/2000 update.

The new folders:
- The Wola Justowska park

The new places:
- The swallow-hole Armand
- The 5 chimeys of the Gröningen power plant
- The town of Curitiba
- The breach of Roland of the barrier of the circus of Gavarnie

- The Wola Justowska park

The new means:
- The Taxiphote

The updated places:
- The town of Louvain-la-Neuve
- The Opera Garnier

The updated pictures of the gallery:
- The Atomium
- The Albert barracks
- The Botanic
- The Falstaff
- The subway station Gate of Hal
- The Marché-au-Charbon street
- The Martyrs place
- The Royal theater of the Money