Update of the 24/04/2000

The 24th of April 2000

The many hypothesis of places and means continue to be treated with attention. But the actuality allows to discover again some new Passage places that the impermanency defies all the  more elementary physical laws. Finally, some new graphical documents have been added to the gallery...

24/04/2000 update

The new folders:
- The Steam factory

The new places:
- The Admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg
- The Nevsky avenue in Saint-Petersbourg
- The "Kunstkammer museum" in Saint-Petersbourg
- The Steam factory
- La Fetta di polenta
- La Mole Antonelliana
- The auditorium of the Forum of the Images

The new means:
- The Knife to cut the reality

The updated places:
- The Socialist Press

The updated images of the gallery:
- The Schaerbeek station
- The Saint-Trinitys' church
- The Cauchie house
- The Royal Parc
- The Law courts of Bruxelles
- The Citadel of Namur
- The Mills of Pantin
- The Cathedral of Amiens
- The Tivoli
- The Museum of Porrentruy