Hameln, the 2nd of August 2000

  Dear mister Sannon,

   I do not know how to explain you the terrible thing which arrives to me. I imagine already by writing these lines what you will think of me by reading them. You will think that I am only one inveterate liar and a mystifier who will have made you do so many kilometers for nothing. I am so sorry of what I have to say to you as well so confused that I did not succeed to find the courage to announce it to you myself: THE PASSAGE DOES NOT OPEN ANY MORE!

   Two nights after my first experiment of Passage (and must I painfully acknowledge it to you the last one!), I returned to the "T-Digit" to try to renew my experiment. I was going there only in the idea to again open the Passage and I had not decided yet to try the adventure of a long voyage on the obscure continent. Like the first time, I let myself lock up inside the exposure and I succeeded by introducing myself inside the "T-digit". I then made, so that it seems to me, same handling on the same terminal as the first time. But nothing any more occurred. I started again several times and each test failed. At the end of one hour of search, I have to accept well that my second attempt was a failure.

   I do not understand anything any more. The two other attempts which I made the following nights were also unfruitful. I have to however try to imagine which particular movements I could have achieved during my first experiment, or well if handling were to be carried out at one hour or a quite precise day or if I were not to be carrying a particular object which I had the first time and not the others. I even wondered whether it would not have been possible that "they" handled the computers to make impossible the opening of the Passage anymore. But I must acknowledge well that I start to ask myself if I do not become insane and if I did not dream all that story.

   My disappointment is very great and I do not dare to imagine what you must think of me. However, I can swear you that all that I let you know, I did it in all honesty and all good faith. Perhaps am I myself victim of madness or hallucination? I feel myself in any case extremely ridiculous and I would not dare even any more to meet you so much I am ashamed of me. You will find joint with this letter a data-processing diskette containing a file which is a species of report of my visit in the "Planet of Visions" and which I had begun with the intention to explain you how to find the signs to be re-used in the "T-digit". This report is unfinished but I give it anyway to you because perhaps it will help you   to find the signs and to re-use them in the "T-digit" to open the Passage.

   It is the last time that you hear to speak about me, dear Mr Sannon. All this history disturbed me rather well and I now any more do not wish to hear speaking of it. All this madness led me to make acts which I would never have dared to make before and which are punishable by the law. I wish now only to take again my normal life. If I were mistaken, I hope that you will want to forgive me.

   By excusing me and by thanking you for your consideration,


Hans Mayer        

The diskette from Hans Mayer

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