Obscure Passages



The ghost town of Kolmannskuppe

The ghost town of Kolmannskuppe

Kolmannskuppe - Namibia.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Eilko Bronsema.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The ghost town of Kolmannskuppe is meadows of the town of Luderitz in Namibia. Mushroom town set up at the beginning of XXth century for its diamantiferous resources, it was completely abandoned in the years 1960 when its richnesses were exhausted. Since then, nature took again its rights and sand invades the forsaken houses, unless this city is not the obscure prey of the world.

   Many travellers who went lately to Kolmannskuppe indeed announced the strange impression which emerges from the city. For some, the influence of the obscure cities made there very clearly smell. Moreover, there is only to compare the photographs brought back by these travellers with certain documents of obscure origin like that representing the standard lamp of the museum of the Comic strip of Bruxelles.

   Manifestation of the obscure world, Passage place or simple coincidence, the question remains posed...