Obscure Passages



The Troyes market

The Troyes market

Localization: Troyes - France.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Martial Boiteau.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Under its aspects of small quiet city, it appears that the town of Troyes in France would dissimulate several symbolic links with the world of the Obscure Cities. It is in any case what seems to testify the decouvror to this assumption.

   "Troyes is first of all a whole place of meeting between the people from the Middle Ages to our days as shows it the champagne fair which is held in it each year. The shape of the city (out of Champagne cork) comes from that time where were created there various secret organizations such Templiers. As it is noted, Troyes shares with the Obscur world the taste of the exchange and of the secret societies.

   From a symbolic point of view, Troyes is the chief town of the Aube (paddle), crucial moment of the day when the night and the day meet together. Without shade, the light does not exist. Sets of shades and lights, one of the artisanal specialities of the area is precisely the stained glass in which the shade of Albert Chamiso could have been reflected one day. At the interior of the historical center are 7 churches whose stained glasses reflect many mysteries. Troyes is or would be the symbol even Passage of the light.

   It is possible that the carpark located under the Markets recently renovated with an architecture which could make think to that of the Obscure Cities can be a Passage place to this world. It is told that many people lost themselves and never returned from there. Disappearances would have taken place at the third basement meadows close to the small garage. Would the mechanic of this one be the ferryman?"

   As one can note it, the indices concerning this place do not miss! The questions about it remain however quite as numerous...