Obscure Passages



The field of Mars garden in Montpellier

The field of Mars garden in Montpellier

Localization: Montpellier - France.

Destination: Urbicande.

Discovered by: Christophe Comp�re.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    The structure of this public play is not without pointing out that of the cube which growed in the town of Urbicande. However, any link with the obscure cities stops there and perhaps to see in this simple structure a new appearance of the famous cube would be undoubtedly to be victim of the evil which took Eugen Robick itself showing to him the cube everywhere where it was not.

   However, a recent interview of Benoit Peeters published on Internet was accompanied by photographs of the author of the "Guide of the Cities" in front of this public game. The authors of the article did not hesitate, them either, to see in this childish attraction a manifestation of the obscure world in our "real" world. Some researchers, by this fact, did not hesitated to support that the presence of Benoit Peeters at this place accredited the assumption of a Passage there. It seems in any event that that does not demonstrate it.

    In any case, to date, no worrying disappearance was announced to this place. Nevertheless, the obscure researchers take care...