Obscure Passages



The Lot Valley museum

The Lot Valley museum

Localization: Villeneuve-sur-Lot - France.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: PiranÚse.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


   Like the museum of the fine arts of Tournai, it is here the case of a museum having seen for a short period a passage opening in its rooms. Nevertheless, the case of the museum of the Lot valley is at the very least strange. Testimonys give a report on a passage towards the Tower which would not be possible only with the assistance of the Italian engraver Piranesi. If one hesitates over the fact that the Tower does not exist probably any more on the obscure continent, one cannot have a doubt about the fact that Piranesi lived in the XVIIIth century. Its presence in this museum thus appears extremely debatable, even if its capacities of passor are not any more to question.

   At all events, the opening was closed again at the end of September 1999...

   From 24th of October 2000 to 28th of January 2001 a very likely phenomenon appeared in the Fesch museum of Ajaccio. The multiplication of this kind of phenomenon and the fact that they are always linked to the Italian engraver Piranese let again think that it could be an hoax. However, the numerous searchers seek with many interest the next event of this kind to analyse it more in details...