Obscure Passages



The road from Soy to Hotton

The road from Soy to Hotton

Between Soy and Hotton - Belgium.

Destination: The Somonites desert.

Discovered by: Daniel Schurmans.

Ferryman: Géna Magonette.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The Passage place in lost fields are not current. It is indeed characteristic that a Passage place is in a building built by the hand of the man as if the human realization acted like revealing of the Passage place.

   There are however some precedents to this example. One can in particular quote the case of this mysterious road on the Andins high-plates whose exit remains very improbable. Some researchers think that it could also be the case of the plate of Aubrac. This assumption remains however very discussed, so much for some experts, the Passage had been possible in this place only by the presence of the Museum Augustin Desombres, unfortunately destroyed today.

   The possibility of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities at this place seems however drawing the attention of certain researchers whose strangeness of the place would be for them sufficiently convincing. The notes of the researcher Daniel Schurmans are on this subject fully eloquent.

   "Proof of the existence of the passage: a zone of ten meters - not more - on the road from Soy to Hotton, shows the high hills of Ardenne, on the left, all below the plain of Famenne, on the right. The impression is fugacious but one can find it with each passage and worse, one cannot prevent oneself some. Another proof: to take the roads towards Ardenne, in this place, it is to be inserted in another world and perhaps not to return."

   The visitor will be also surprised to find with a few three hundred meters of the place mysterious Ghost Brewery whose presence at this place remains rather enigmatic. And if the Passage were there? And if, once more the hand of the man were necessary to carry out the Passage? Only perhaps this mysterious Géna Magonette could answer us...