Obscure Passages



The Wola Justowska park

The Wola Justowska park

Localization: Cracow - Poland.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Gil Jugnot.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


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   The case of a probable Passage place in a park is not unique. The Royal park of Bruxelles is indeed also the subject of many search in this field. However, differently of the Royal Park of Bruxelles for which the assumptions are founded on the resemblance between the plan of this one and part of that of Urbicande, the indices concerning the park Wola Justowska of Cracow seem much more concrete.

   In the current of the year 1995, it was found there by workmen a strange staircase which apparently does not go anywhere. According to a quite mysterious letter written at the time by the decouvror of this Passage place, Gil Jugnot, some excavations were then too quickly undertaken which did not permit to discover many things maybe excepted two strange statues. The library searches of Gil Jugnot would have enabled him to discover two books which would hold some answers to the many enigmas that pose the two statues. The first headings "Faunas and flora of the Islands Chulae Vistae" (unknown author) would have allowed to identify the first statue as being the representation of a strange animal named "Fougivorus Aquaticus". The second book, itself etter known by the obscure researchers "The Encyclopaedia of present and future transport" from Axel Wappendorf allowed to identify a detail of the second statue, namely that part of this one contained a kind of three-dimensional representation of the monotrace described in the small book of the famous Obscur scientist. For the rest, the second statue contained a strange inscription which did not let plane any doubt about its source: " WHILLELM of ISTURITZ, POET REBELS of MYLOS. KRAK÷W, 757 ".

   The most recent investigations unfortunately did not permit to find other indices nor to confirm the existence of a Passage to this place. The staircase would have been stopped by the authorities of Cracow following rumours of disappearances and the statues remain now untraceable. The only testimony one has ultimately is the letter sent by the decouvror of this place to an "Inspector of the High Studies of the Institute of Sociology of the Free University of Bruxelles" remained unknown to date. The probable answer of this person was never known nor than the continuation of the investigations of the decouvror.

   Many points thus remain extremely mysterious. Who is thus this Whillelm of Isturitz whom it is not made mention nowhere in the literature treating of the Obscure Cities? Which is thus this strange book dealing of the fauna and the flora of the Islands Chulae Vistae? Why the author of the letter doesn't describe more the "Fougivorus Aquaticus" which would be described in the book previously quoted? Why still this author doesn't describe more various paintings which would have decorated the walls of the staircase? Many questions which still remain unanswered...