Obscure Means



The knife to cut in the reality


Discovered by: René Derosne.

The knife to cut in the reality


   Like the luminocaptor of Axel Wappendorf, it seems that some strange and especially obscure objects have some strange faculties that permit the Passage to the obscure world.That's the case of this mysterious knife that, according his discoverer and owner would have the strange property to cut the reality and then open a break, probably on the obscure continent as seem to show one of the documents of this folder.

   Intrinsically, this knife is already very special. It is impossible to cut anything with it. It is also impossible to take a picture of it, or at least of his blade. This last one remains always invisible on any picture, only the sleeve can be seen, reason why only a drawing could give an idea of his strange aspect.

   The use of this knife remains quiet simple. One have only to quickly cleave the air in front of him. At this moment and for a very short laps of time, a kind of break is visible, only under a particular point of view, showing a different world of us, probably the one of the obscure cities.

   It seems that if this knife permits an opening to the obscure world, up to now, it never permits a Passage to it.