It is only at the time when I saw the photographs which I had taken that I understood that it could only be a new sign. On the photographs, the characters are not black, they all are coloured as if it acted true characters. It was a little bit as the flash of Vigoleis Koelber which makes it possible to reveal the colors of Desombres. Mine had made it possible to see those of these characters.

The photographies of the house of Belgium.

The third sign was much more difficult to find and it is completely by chance that I saw it. It is about a simple timber structure strongly resembling to a sphere armillaire. This structure is inside the House of Latvia and I would undoubtedly not have seen it whether I had not been attracted by the architecture of the house. Of course, it is only one simple representation of a sphere but I could not say why, I am certain that this structure has a significant role to play in the search for a probable Passage place here in Hanover.

The photographies of the house of Latvia..

These last discoveries revived in me a great excitation. I am persuaded that you will have understood it. I cannot believe that these signs are all joined together on the ground of the exposition by simple chance. I think that there must be a relation between them or a message dissimulated behind their presence. I will continue my walks on the ground of the Exposition and I would not fail to let you know my new discoveries.

Best regards

Hans Mayer.

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