Obscure Passages



The admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg

The admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg

Saint-Petersbourg - Russia.

The art academy of Sodrovni.

Discovered by: Mitya Suchin.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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    The similarity between buildings of our world with some others of the obscure continent isn't the only apanage of some cities like Bruxelles or Paris. It is now quite sure that many buildings of Saint-Petersbourg have their doubles in the city of Sodrovni like the Alexander II memorial church or the Admiralty.

   The Admiralty is the second oldest construction of Saint-Petersbourg. Successively the main shipyard of the Baltic fleet, the marine supreme command, the main marine cathedral and a navy museum, it now houses the navy high school and the Baltic fleet and Saint-Petersbourg port military command.

   It the likelyness of some parts of the building is a first sign, some more smaller ones confirm the hypothesis of a Passage at this place. For example, the two globes (or could we say sphere) sustained by two statue at both side of the main gate. All the obscurologists and Passage searchers now know that the form of the sphere could help to pass from one world to the other. It appears now clearly that, like the Atomium in Bruxelles, the Admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg is a Passage place helped by the sphere at both sides of eather worlds.

   However, some other elements related to this building remains enigmas. First of all, the differing functions of both buildings. To the contrary of the law courts of Bruxelles and the Palace of the 3 powers in Brüsel that have both some administrative functions, we are surprised to notice the difference between the military function of the admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg and the artistic function of the art academy of Sodrovni. Also, how is it possible that Mary, who is herself gone into this building, after never had the idea to search a Passage in it to come in ourl world?

   As we can see, the Admiralty of Saint-Petersbourg hides many secrets...