Obscure Passages



The Cultural Center of Belém

The Cultural Center of Belém

Localization: Lisbone - Portugal.

Destination: Urbicande.

Discovered by: Christophe Compère.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Located in the suburbs of Lisbone, in Portugal, the Arts centre of Belém is an administrative building built in the middle of other museums like the one of the navy, the one of electricity (still closed), the one of the bells, the one of popular art and the one of archaeology and ethnography. The building directly draws the attention of the visitor by his gigantism and its imposing architecture.

   Although its first function is, in addition to containing a museum, to organize exposures (including one recently on Frank Loyd Wright),  and conferences, one guesses quickly, considering the size of the building and his type of architecture, which these activities are used as frontage, and which other research is undertaken there... Unfortunately, the access to the rooms apart from the museum and of the exposures is strictly controlled, prohibiting of this fact any investigation to the valiant obscure researchers who tried to discover some more. It does not make however any doubt that the building is or was a Passage Place towards Urbicande...