Obscure Passages



La Mundial de Cordoba

La Mundial de Cordoba

Localization: Cordoba - Argentina.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Alejandro Riberi.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


    It is again a completely extraordinary building which is the subject here of many investigations on behalf of some Argentine researchers. This building, located at Cordoba in Argentina, would be, according to a local newspaper, one of the narrowest of the world. It is remarkable indeed to note how much this building shares common points with "La Fetta di Polenta", located in Turin in Italy. All two, extremely narrow, forces the admiration as well from the point of view of their construction as of their comfort.

   Built in the years 1920, the construction of this building would be the result of the work of a French architect. He thus does not seem that it would be the same architect as for the building of Turin. On another point of view, it seems that the theories built about this building are significantly different from the one established for "la
Fetta di Polenta"
, as demonstrated by this extract taken from a research conducted by Alejandro Riberi, scholar and discoverer of the place: "Between these citÚs and the cities of this world (their paradigmatic objects) there is only a variation of degree. This light displacement does not prevent us from recognising its matrix. The presence, structure and ways of the cities are shown by their missing counterparts. Hence the phenomenological value of such procedure: the description of a state of affairs reflects a different and ubiquitous one.  In our cities, this ordering of being is a precondition of any observation and therefore remains itself unobserved. Exceptions to this ordering are the Obscure Passages and "La Mundial" clearly constitutes one of them."

   Although still extremely mysterious, there is absolutely no doubt that this building will reveal early or late some secrecies that will lead on the track of possible Passage as it was the case for "La Fetta di Polenta di Turino".