Obscure Passages



The Humboldt Hotel

The Humboldt Hotel

Localization: Caracas - Venezuela.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Jorge Rego.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Perched at 2500 meters of altitude to the top of Caracas, the Humboldt Hotel, lunatic and disproportionate dream of a dismissed dictator, remain one of the largest enigma of the obscure researchers. Given up since nearly thirty years, one could almost hear the phantoms of the 50's privileged society of Caracas haunting the corridors of the hotel. Unless they are the steps of Paco, the faithful guard of the sanctuary which such a Giovanni Battista in the Tower continued, against winds and storms, to maintain the hotel since so many years. However, Paco, often saw coming the inspector. Regularly, the various managers came to see whether the hotel were always in state. If it had not suffered from the degradation of time and the improbable criminals at this altitude. And then one day, one of those learned to Paco that the hotel was going to be sold and that its task of maintenor was going one day to end.

   One does not know too what it is happened of Paco. Did he received a well deserved pension of the Venezualian ministry of tourism of which he was the employee. Or did he finally found the passage which would carry out him close to his obscure colleague. Who knows? Concerning the Humboldt Hotel, its fate still remains very hypothetical today. The day when the passage will be condemned is not yet close...