Obscure Passages



The underground city of Kaymakli

The underground city of Kaymakli

Localization: Kaymakli - Turky.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Isabelle Cuvellier.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    This possible Passage place is located to the other side of the sea of silences in Turkey, in Kaymakli. It is about a strange underground city built on 8 stages superimposed on more than 40 meters of depth. This city consists of a network of corridors and staircase which curve in an infinite labyrinth. The air distribution of this network was, and, is always ensured by a vast flue ventilating.

    According to certain researchers, this vast flue ventilating would be a Passage towards "the Tower" of the obscure continent. Indeed some strange voices and the frequent calls to order of the personnel of guidance of this site, as if one wanted to dissimulate something, are as many indices of the possibility of a Passage towards the obscure continent!