Obscure Passages



The astronomical observatory of Lille

The observatory of Lhyl

Localization: Lille - France.

Destination: Lhyl?

Discovered by: Thomas Giezek.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    Here is still one of the most enigmatic Passage place! Apparently, it would not be about a Passage place of our world towards that obscure but well in the other direction: from the obscure continent towards our world. This place would be " Dead end of the observatory " in a still unknown obscure city to date: Lhyl. It would lead towards our world to an observatory located in Lille in France.

   It exists little of indices joined together to date concerning this place excepted a very short letter addressed to Eugen Robick to announce this hypothetical crossing point to him. The strangest thing in this letter is the mention of the date of construction of the building expressed in year of our world (1934) whereas this missive would be an obscure mail.

    Why this strange letter does mention a date of our world? Where is located this observatory? Where is located the town of Lhyl on the obscure continent?