Obscure Passages



The "Kunstkammer museum" in Saint-Petersbourg

The "Kunstkammer museum" in Saint-Petersbourg

Saint-Petersbourg - Russia.

Destination: Sodrovni or Armillia.

Discovered by: Mitya Suchin.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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    Here is a building of Saint-Petersbourg that has no obscure double. Still there are many signs that permit to imagine that it could be a Passage place always used at the moment.

   First of all, many symbolic signs seem to indicate the one who can understand it that at that place there is a Passage existing, with the first one being the Armillian sphere on the top of the building. If this sphere cannot be the precise Passage point, its high and easy visible position is like a sign indicating the functionality of the building. Inside the main tower is placed the "Gottorp Globe" presented to Peter the Great by the Gottorp princes. It is actually a double globe. The external side is depicting our earth surface while the internal side would represent the skyscape. Here again the question of the possibility of a Passage by the power of the sphere is open. It is quite evident that the internal side of the Globe could be a Passage place. However, it seems that the door that allows to go inside the globe has not been opened since many years. The more foolish questions about this globe are then now running. What is really hidden inside this globe? What is really depicted on the internal surface? Couldn't it be a representation of the obscure continent?

   Unfortunately, all verifications and investigations about this building and the globe in it are for the moment completely impossible. The building is under restoration up to 2003. We just hope that this is not a supplementary tentative from some autority to dissimulate by some rude workings the evidence of the existence of the obscure continent and his many connections with our world...