Obscure Passages



La Quinta da Regaleira La Quinta da Regaleira

Localization: Sintra - Portugal.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Eduardo de Siza.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


See the diary of Ishmaël Tolentino and the report of the conference of Eduardo de Siza

   This assumption is the last about which spoke Eduardo de Siza at the time of the intervention that he made at the conference of Coïmbra devoted to the Obscure Cities. The splendid description of the place and its probable relations with the obscure world is by it only extremely eloquent.

   Quinta da Regaleira is a manor built in Sintra by Luigi Manini and controlled by António Carvalho Monteiro, an expert billionaire in Natural Philosophy, dependent on the freemasonry and to which one gave the nickname of "Monteiro of the Million". In addition to the scenographic beauty of its romantic architecture, this palate is a true initiatory temple, of a great symbolic and mystic coherence system. Since the octagonal room which evokes the Temple of Solomon, while passing by the church where are closed in harmony the catholic, templiers and freemasons symbols or the luminous Delta of which the eye of God surmounts a flanked gate of sculptures resembling to petrified daemons, all reference to the Occulte. But the most attractive in this esoteric labyrinth is the initiatory well. According to a course contrary to that of Giovanni Battista in the Tower, it leads us from darkness to the light through a spiral staircase, thus leading us from surface to a vast underground cave that the owner had named "the Cathedral".

   It would seem that La Quinta da Regaleira belongs today to a Japanese company which holds it closed, thus preventing any investigations...