Obscure Means



The W 5400 K


Discovered by:
Philippe Blampain.

The W 5400 K


   It is a completely strange document, discovered among old papers at the time of a public sale which permitted to reveal this new means of Passage towards the world of the Obscure Cities.

   Presented like a greetings card, the document which contained a strange photography carried the mysterious inscription: "W 5400 K - Apparatus entirely designed by the eminent PROFESSOR AXEL WAPPENDORF - thanks to its luminous ray, it allows to go and come towards the Obscure Cities".

   This document, whose authenticity cannot be questioned, would seem to raise the assumption according to which the Professor Axel Wappendorf would have continued his experiments on the Luminocaptor. This apparatus, already described in our files (see Luminocaptor), would have allowed to the Professor Wappendorf as well as to his friend Michel Ardan viewing parts of our world. It is thus permitted to believe that the Professor would not have stopped there and that he would have continued his investigations on the Luminocaptor to create W 5400 K which would allowed physically to go from the Clear world to the Obscur world and to return from there. More still surprising is that according to any probability, this machine would be or would have been on the Clear world and would have permit certain Lights to travel on the Obscure Continent.

   The fatcs however oblige to announce that the existence of this machine on our world could not be confirmed and, to date, much of questions about it remain unanswered...