Update of the 24/05/2001

The 24th of Mai 2001

A new update quite exclusively dedicated to the links between the town of Kobenhavn and the Obscure city of Kobenhavn. The sound enters the site...

24/05/2001 update.

The new places:
- The Marble church of Kobenhavn
- The Our-saver Church
- The Saint-Nicolas church of Kobenhavn
- Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
- The Palace Hotel of Kobenhavn
- The Parliament of Kobenhavn
- The Stock Exchange of Kobenhavn
- The Priors Dukketeatre
- The rounded tower
- The Town hall of Kobenhavn

The updated places:
- The Tivoli

The updated images:
- The Pavilion of Luxembourg
- The Royal theater of the Mint

- Update of the links page